Three Weeks of Lockdown

2020-04-11 · 547 words

At this point, Easter 2020, the UK has been restricted to lockdown conditions for three weeks. Despite not being a particularly extroverted or social person, there have still been some significant changes I’ve had to make. I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on the past few weeks as I prepare for this situation to be last longer.

How I have been affected

When the idea of a lockdown was being discussed, I thought I would be affected in the following ways:

  • Lack of social interaction
  • Inability to exercise
  • Drop in productivity

Social interaction

I am quite happy with my own company most of the time and am happy spending time at home. I was quite worried about the prospect of a lockdown though, because I thought that enjoying being alone was due to it being a consequence of going to work for five days a week. Previously when I have been at home for extended periods of time, such as during Bank Holidays, I have not coped particularly well. So the idea of being on my own for long periods of time was worrying.

Fortunately this has not been too bad. The first week was a bit strange, but I can honestly say now that I quite enjoy remote working. I still communicate with my colleagues although do not feel a desperate need to do so more than normal. The way we communicate has changed a bit too, but again, it isn’t as drastic a change as I predicted.


I am a runner. I run as a source of exercise for my body, and as a meditation for my mind. Even though I’ve only been running for three years, it is a massive part of my life. The threat that outdoor exercise might have been restricted was terrifying.

For the time being, we are permitted to exercise outside once a day and I have relished this privilege, running about six days a week so far, which is more than I would consider my normal. It’s been truly fantastic to do that, not least because the evenings have become lighter.


Previously when I’ve “worked from home”, actually working was a struggle, and I’d be careful not to do it very often. How would I cope with a multitude of distractions when every weekday was spent at home?

Work has been affected, but the amount I have been able to do has surprised me. I’ve had to make a number of changes, and will probably write about this more in future. But in brief:

  • My routine has changed to that of an early bird
  • I try to choose when to engage with email rather than have it manage me
  • I dress smarter!
  • I work on a larger range of activities

It’s OK right now

A lot has changed in a short space of time. There are concerns, fears and there is great uncertainty. But at the moment I feel like I have made some good progress in changing my way of living, working and playing to suit the situation. And for some of those changes I’m already thinking that I prefer how they are now to what they were before. I’m surprised, but very pleased, at how well I have managed so far.