204 km over 23 hours and 26 activities. After running fairly consistently over the past month, I was a bit disappointed to see my fitness level not improving much. I’ll have to look a bit more closely at how I’m running.

I’ve spent too much time today looking out of the window at the clear blue sky and wanting to be running. I like running in the rain too, but watching a glorious day slowly pass by from inside an office is a little disappointing.

Collaboration between different organisations is essential to our modern way of working, but it is at constant risk from trivial failures in communication. I would like to study the single source of truth concept to see how working together could be improved by enabling everyone to refer to the same information.

It’s nice to see the sun out today following a bit of dreary first week back at work after Christmas. The sunny weather helps to boost my cautiously optimistic start to the year.

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