Today was a day of two halves. A long, slow morning was filld with underlying dread of what was to become of an afternoon call. The surprisingly good call led to a very pleasant, if tiring afternoon of warm weather and relaxation. And now for Easter…

As much as I quite like my new routine and way of working, what this will mean for the Easter break is unclear. Still, I’m glad it’s only a 4-day week!

The temperature is rising which is nice, but with it has come annoying little flies. Runs have become itchy and it makes me want to get my hair cut.

My daily run outside is an invaluable source of stress relief and calms any anxiety I have. So when I see other people outside for their one permitted outing still staring at their phones I silently shout “look at the world around you!”

I can summarise the week thus: a cautious start that slowly became more more manageable as I settled in for the long term; after a few days I was quite enjoying my new routine. Suddenly this afternoon, some utterly appalling behaviour knocked me down off that wave of hope. It was ordinary work behaviour rather than anything related to the lockdown, but reminded me of my fragility. The challenge now is to recover and not let that person ruin my weekend.

Following yesterday’s positive experience, today continued along those lines. I think I am starting to see a future where I actually choose to work from home on a more frequent basis. I think that whatever happens with our current situation, the way we work in future will be profoundly affected.

Today was positive. I think I might be easing into a routine. I prefer starting and finishing work early, and exercising much more than I used to before. It’s very strange, but I am coping.

An eventful day today. I spent two hours standing in an outside queue at the pharmacy, ten minutes queueing to go into the supermarket and, for the first time this year, did my evening run in the daylight. Sometimes I catch myself thinking about this being the new normal. I worry that I might forget what life was like before.

A fairly calm day today. Daylight saving started this morning and threw my body clock right off, so my morning run was later than planned. Tomorrow I have errands to run, which means going outside. That shouldn’t make me anxious…

Yesterday ended up being much calmer than Thursday. I don’t know why, but was glad of it. It’s now the weekend, I think…

Today was not good. No early-morning enthusiasm before the afternoon slump, just the slump. The weather was gorgeous, and I cleaned my windows for the second time this week (though they did need it; they were filthy). But gorgeous weather that you can only look at offers little solace. Still, I got outside for a run this evening and that was nice.

As I write this I feel like I’m not coping well at all. I’ve actually had a good day, getting up early and working quite well. The afternoon’s just seem to grind to a halt. A run this evening will help I’m sure.

I got out for a run today – my daily exercise is fortunately still permitted. Whether or not it was nervous energy, I ran harder and further than my usual weekday running. Despite looking like the set of 28 Days Later it was great to get outside.

Our country has taken the next step and requires people to remain indoors. I am not surprised that this has happened, but that doesn’t make it any less surreal. Already I have to work out what day of the week it is.

Although we aren’t yet mandated to stay isolated it is encouraged. Therefore, I tried to spend the weekend at home, not going out except for one run this morning. It was tough, demotivating and quite scary, but I managed it. If the situation gets worse, I must try not to dread the idea of staying indoors.

I’ve nearly finished collecting all the components I need for my next keyboard – a 40% ortholinear Niu Mini. Looking at the options available with QMK firmware I’m very excited at what I might be able to do. The main decision for now, however, is whether I find it easier to use QWERTY, as on my full-size work keyboard, or Colemak that I have on my original Ergodox at home. I want to try Colemak but I’ll see how easily my hands adapt to the new hardware.

This week we finished a project that was quite challenging. It took a lot of effort in a short space of time. Now that it’s finished I feel deflated; I must have invested that much of myself into the job that it has left me empty. I wonder if other people feel this way about their work at all.

204 km over 23 hours and 26 activities. After running fairly consistently over the past month, I was a bit disappointed to see my fitness level not improving much. I’ll have to look a bit more closely at how I’m running.

I’ve spent too much time today looking out of the window at the clear blue sky and wanting to be running. I like running in the rain too, but watching a glorious day slowly pass by from inside an office is a little disappointing.

Collaboration between different organisations is essential to our modern way of working, but it is at constant risk from trivial failures in communication. I would like to study the single source of truth concept to see how working together could be improved by enabling everyone to refer to the same information.

It’s nice to see the sun out today following a bit of dreary first week back at work after Christmas. The sunny weather helps to boost my cautiously optimistic start to the year.

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