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A long day at work. Twelve hours or so. It’s always tiring but the sort of work that leads to this is quite energising at the time. Tomorrow will be a different matter…

For what must have been the first time in over a year, I spent the early evening sitting on a bench in the cathedral grounds, reading a book. The weather has waited until now to turn out pleasant, if a little warm for my tastes, but the feeling of normality was quite something.

As we head towards the end of May, I noticed something strange during my run yesterday. A warm, almost prickly sensation on my arms, accompanied by a bright light. It reminded me of when the sun used to shine…

It feels like there have been a lot of ups and downs lately, but I can’t think of any specific examples. I think I’m generally a bit fed up, but there aren’t any extremes – good or bad. Feeling slightly up Work has been quite involved lately, and busy but in an energetic and reasonably interesting way. I have been able to see people in person and travel a bit, so it makes a nice change and reinforces the view that I would like to split my time between home and the office (as well as a limited amount of business travel too).

Have you ever seen someone’s biography on a blog in which the person lists what they consider to define them? It might be something like Sarah is a mother of 2, marathon runner, baker, life coach and Christian. These sorts of biographies have always annoyed me. At first I simply disliked the idea of writing about yourself in the third person; it seems so forced when you can just say I.